Monday, July 18, 2011

Airshow + 17-40mm = great results!

When I decided to go to the Coxyde Airshow, I was perfectly aware of my lack in long telephoto lenses. Well, I’ve my 70-200 on the 40d but even 200mm x 1.6 = 320mm isn’t enough at all!

The other setup was my 5d and the 17-40mm. I let you figure which camera took the best pictures...!

So if I couldn’t come very close to the aircrafts, I took a huge step backwards and went ultra wide. It gives you superb possibilities with all the white or colored trails, even if the weather isn’t on top.

The Red Arrows
© Quiet Leaf

I first took the wide angle for “landscape-event” pictures but I rapidly discovered a new use for my lens. So if you don’t have the standard EF 100-400mm (as 90% of the super serious airshow photographers that day), take the ultra wide way!

Also, I spent the day with the two cameras around my neck, switching continuously with my 5d when the 70-200mm on the 40d was too long as the aircrafts were rapidly approaching. And the pictures are a bit over-processed, but I think that it's still OK!

Happy shooting!  

© Quiet Leaf

"It's too loud!" "...What?"
© Quiet Leaf